Monday, March 10, 2008

Elena and Ashley at Bethel March 9, 2008

Elena had another strong finish at Bethel.

It was really cold with heavy winds in Bethel this morning. About 15-20 womenshowed up. Ashley and I represented Radical. Anne Marie Miller , two Kenda girls, and Kathleen Billington were there as well.
On about the 3rd lap, Ashley, AMM, and a Kenda sailed up the hill and opened up a small gap. I sat on the front for a couple of seconds to see if Ashley was going to be able to get away. The other Kenda rider and Kathleen bridged up and I went with them. With the 30 mph winds up there in Bethel, it was tough to stay out of the wind. At some point, Ashley must have been caught in the wind because all of a sudden I didn’t see her anymore.

The 5 of us started working together and we were able to lap the rest of the field. AMM was really drilling it and she took the sprint (again), with Andrea (Kenda) second, Rebecca (Kenda) third, me fourth, and Kathleen (fifth). All in all, a good clean race for all.

March 8, 2008 Central Park Season Opener and Radical finishes 1st and 2nd!

Maria telling it like she saw it from the saddle in Central Park!

A good part of the first lap was pretty uneventful. A few attacks that were quickly chased until Maggie attacked near the carousel. Martha jumped on her wheel and since I was right there, I jumped on Martha's wheel and Cindy was not far behind. Lucky for Maggie and I, Erica was near the front of the field, so we knew she would help keep the field back anyway she could. The 4 of us rotated with Maggie and I doing most of the work. Our plan was to work with the Metro girls until the last time up Harlem hill and drop them at the top. It was obvious Cindy and Martha were getting tired since our pace kept slowing when they pulled through.
At the end of the third lap, near the carousel, Maggie gave me the sign and I attacked. Cindy tried to chase us down, but she couldn't answer the attack. Maggie bridged up to me and we increased our pace and we were out of sight in less than a minute. We rotated the last lap until the sprint.
I came across the line first with Maggie right beside me. Maggie had an another race in the afternoon that she decided to save her legs for that one. Thanks Maggie!!
A great finish with a Radical taking 1st and 2nd.

Great job Maggie and Erica. It wouldn't have been a Raddie 1, 2 finish today without the great team work.