Saturday, August 1, 2009

Evie Second in Nats TT – Evie Captures Second Consecutive NRC GC Title

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VELO NEWS- Catching up with Rising Star Evelyn Stevens

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Tour of the Hilltowns July 26, 2009 Dara Gets a Beautiful 2nd Place Finish

Tour of the Hilltowns 7/26/09 Dara Does it Again in the 3/4 Feild!

Hot day for a race. Lots of healthy, strong women at the starting line. And a boy standing next to me was saying things like "don't fall!" and "don't kill yourselves." The race starts with a very long descent---20 miles or so of easy riding on flats and down hill. Anyway, the race really started at about mile 20 when the climbing began. A woman tried to get away right from the get-go and broke up the field immediately. A few of us caught her and stuck to her wheel for a few miles as riders dropped one by one.

At some point, I was sitting on the wheel of #3 (she would come in 3rd), who was sitting on # 1's wheel. And this is where I lost the race--I understand now what people mean when they say to focus. I was staring at the hub in front of me...that's what I do on those long climbs...finally I looked up to see #1 20 meters ahead. I picked it up to catch her, but without going all out--there was still plenty of time with this never-ending climb...I thought. Rider #3 and I talked about it and didn't think it would be possible for her to stay away for 32 miles on her own. Now I know that I should have red-lined it to try to catch her (it may have been impossible anyway.)

After the major climbing was finished, there was a long stretch of false flats and rollers all along the top of the ridge. The winner was kicking it while the two of us took turns trying to catch her. We worked pretty hard and couldn't do it. We also lost time on turns--#1 seemed to know the course well.

Soon after 2 riders (Nancy and Annaliese) caught us, we lost sight of her. The four of us had a choppy rotating pace line for 25-30 miles. It hadn't taken long for us to give up our chase completely and then it felt more like a group ride than a race, although without really settling into a good rhythm. Finally, the climb we'd all been waiting for.

With about 6 miles (uphill) to go, #3 subtly picked up the pace. I stuck to her wheel and the others dropped back. She goaded me to take a turn on the front, but I didn't see the point. We were going for 2nd and 3rd, so there really wasn't a rush. I told her that she was welcome to slow down and sit on my wheel, but she didn't.

After the hairpin turn 200 meters before the finish, she stood up to pick up the pace before the all-out sprint. I stuck to her wheel...stood up...sat back down to change gears and get into a better sprint position, and then went for it. I beat her and placed a respectable 2nd.

Great course. Interesting experience for me to figure out dynamics of riding in a break with my competitors. And I won't underestimate a rider's ability to stay off the front alone again.