Monday, June 22, 2009

Race Weekend June 20 & June 21,2009. Evie Shows the World How its Done. Her Sisters Were There To Help

Race #1 Central Park June 20, 2009

Ashley, Erica and I were the Radical representation. There was a good showing from the other teams and we have a brief strategy chat on the line (trying to be discreet of course :). The first few laps were hard and fun, I would throw an attack in and Ashley or Erica would counter and then I would try to counter. Comedy started to throw some attacks in as well which made things even more fun. I believe it was lap number five when Ashley zooms by me on the way up Harlem hill and gives me this look like I am going to attack. So I get on the back of the train chasing her and then I attack over the top of Harlem. I get a way for a bit and then am caught by AMM, Sarah, Deb Kilmon and Fabienne. We weren't working too well together at first, so I threw some more attacks in. Eventually we started to pace line it a bit and then at Harlem hill I attack and get away. AMM catches back up to me and we work together in the last lap. We are going to horse poo alley when I see Sarah has caught back on, pretty impressive! Anyways, we ride for a bit, I am on AMM's wheel and Sarah is on mine. We get to the bottom of Cat's paw and I attack and get away for the win. It was a really fun race and AMM complimented Radical on how we were racing as a team and mixing it up!

Race #2: Housatonic Hills Race June 21, 2009:

Erica, Ashley and I were the Radical representation at Housatonic. There was a big showing from Anthem and Silke and Anna were there as well. The course is basically up or down. About 3/4ths of the way into the 1st lap Beth Miller, Silke and I got away on one of the climbs. The three of us rode a nice tempo together. We were climbing up one of the hills and I saw 100 meters sign for the QOM so I jumped and snagged it. Beth and Silke caught back up to me and we finished the lap together. We get to the big climb on the start of the second lap and I just chose a nice wattage number I could maintain and tried to stay steady up the climb. I got to the top and looked back and realized that I had got a good gap on Silke and Beth, so I decided to just try and go for it. I decided on a steady watt number for the flats, tried to go hard on every hill and then take the down hills fast, but also find some time for recovery. The course was beautiful and it made for a really pleasant ride. I was able to hold them off until the finish.

Race# 3: Harlem Crit June 21, 2009:

So the race promoter at Housatonic was really nice and did the women's awards first. So after that I boogied into my parent's prius (thanks dad!) and kyle and I headed into Harlem. I was able to make it to the race with about 20 mins to spare. Maria and I were the Radical representation at this race. I never really got my rhythm in this race, but it was fun nonetheless. Maria went to the front a few times and set a nice tempo which would allow me to attack. The atmosphere at Harlem is definitely exciting. I unfortunately didn't get myself in the best position for the sprint and came in about sixth. The girl who won it rode a smart race, I don't think I saw her at the front once and then she had a great sprint at the finish, props to her.